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Abdullah Syed

Executive Director, ACC Educate

Abdullah Syed is a seasoned executive in the humanitarian and faith-base space. Having studied Islamic Studies part-time and weekends at Hartford Seminary, AlMaghrib Institute and Arees Institute, Abdullah took a year long sabbatical from his work as Business Analyst at Accenture, to pursue a full-time Arabic and Qur'anic studies at Bayyinah Institute.

Instead of returning to corporate, Abdullah spent the last fifteen years starting, growing and innovating organizations such as Amaanah Refugee Services, Bayyinah Institute and Islamic Relief USA. He currently serves as the Executive Director of A Continuous Charity Foundation (ACC) which provides faith-inspired mentoring and interest-free loans for higher education. Born in Pakistan, he grew up in Connecticut but soon found his way to the great state of Texas. Abdullah currently resides in Dallas with his wife and 4 kids, who outnumber the parents and for all intents and purposes run the house. 


1. Sculpture 

2. Video installations 

3. Drawing 

4. Performance and texts to investigate collisions between art, religion, economy and politics

Abdullah Syed
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