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Muhamad Ali

Associate Professor, Islamic Studies, UofC, Riverside

Born and raised to a Batavian mother and a Bantenese father in Jakarta, he was the first generation to get college education in my extended family. he was educated in a modern madrasah and pesantren in Jakarta and West Java before he attended the State Institute for Islamic Studies, specializing in the Qur'anic interpretation or tafsir and hadith. He took a MM-CAAE a joint program of international management offered by the University Grenoble Paris and the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. he pursued an MSc degree in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at Edinburgh University, Scotland, and then a PhD in History, majoring in Southeast Asia, minoring in the Middle East, World, and European histories.

I have been an academic since 2007 in the Religious Studies Department, at the University of California, Riverside. For twenty years he had a wonderful wife Neneng Syahdati Rosmy who passed away in March 2018, and have a wonderful daughter Inas Anandini Ali. he was married to a wonderful Binthaj Fadila and have a wonderful son Atqa Zayden Ali. They live in Riverside, California.


Muhamad Ali
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