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Melanie Elturk

Melanie ElTurk is the founder and CEO of Haute Hijab, a leading American hijab fashion brand. Born and raised in America, Melanie attended college and finished law school at age 23. After graduation, she shifted to her entrepreneurial journey- Haute Hijab. With her brand, she aims to empower Muslim women with high-quality, stylish hijabs and modest fashion options.

Melanie started Haute Hijab in 2010, after she noticed a lack of options for hijabs that were both stylish and made from high-quality materials. She wanted to make hijabs that were both fashionable and comfortable to wear, in the hopes of encouraging more women to embrace the hijab in an authentic and beautiful way that reflected all of their identities. Today, Haute Hijab has become one of the most popular hijab fashion brands in the United States, and is known for its wide range of colors, patterns, and styles.

Melanie’s mission is not only to create fashionable hijabs but also to empower Muslim women by giving them the option to express themselves through fashion, and to break the stereotypes associated with Muslim women. She also uses her platform to share her story as an American Muslim entrepreneur, shedding insight and inspiration on staying true to her Muslim values and ethics in a capitalistic society.

She has also been featured in many media outlets including, Marie Claire, The Helm, and Good Morning America. With her sharp business acumen and passion for empowering women, Melanie ElTurk is a true inspiration in the world of modest fashion.


Melanie Elturk
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