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Research and events introducing Christians to neighbors of every faith.




Chris Stackaruk

Kevin Singer

Dr. Chris Stackaruk founded NF, along with Kevin Singer, while a student at Wheaton College. He became interested in living a neighborly faith when he married into a multi-religious family. With a background in Evangelical ministry and higher ed., Chris holds degrees from Moody Bible Institute (BA), Wheaton College (MA), and the University of Toronto (PhD). Chris is a Senior Fellow at Cardus, a think-tank, and has won numerous awards for his research, curriculum design, advocacy, and community service.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys rock climbing, freediving, and traveling with his wife Reena.

Kevin was raised at the intersection of his mother’s Evangelical faith and his father’s Reform Jewish roots. He holds degrees from N. Illinois University (BA), Wheaton College (MA, Theology), and NC State (MA, Higher Ed).


Kevin has extensive teaching and leadership experience in churches, campus ministries, and colleges. He planted two churches with the North American Mission Board (2009-14) and is now head of Media Relations and PR at Springtide Research Institute. Kevin is a prolific writer with placements in Christianity Today, Religion News, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Psychology Today, InsideHigherEd, and more. Kevin lives in Raleigh with his four kids, dog Sheeps, and two cats, Han and Chewie.


Ana Charmain
Marketing Coordinator


Zana Martinez
Program Assistant

Zana became interested in cross-cultural and inter-religious engagement after a semester abroad in Israel/Palestine. Originally from Massachusetts, Zana is completing her BA in Anthropology at Wheaton College (IL), and an accelerated MA in Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership. She enjoys grabbing coffee with friends and strangers alike, and is always ready to listen to someone's story.  


Shreya Ramachandran

Shreya is passionate about engaging across faiths, languages, and cultures. She is completing B.A. in Applied Linguistics at Moody Bible Institute with a particular interest in South Asian diaspora studies. She is a part of Cru Design Movement in Chicago. Shreya plans to continue her studies and research in theology and cross-cultural ministry. In her free time she enjoys cooking Indian food and writing poetry.

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Julia Tweeten
Events Manager

Julia is a program manager based in San Francisco. She has worked with a number of startups to innovate and expand healthcare solutions and services. Her undergrad experience with UW-Madison campus ministries drew her to the mission of NF. She enjoys trying new restaurants, hiking, and planning her next backpacking trip with friends.


NF is America's most trusted platform for bringing Evangelicals and Muslims together.

Our work is supported a vast network of scholars, civic leaders, pastors, and imams committed to teaching Christian students to lead for Christ in a multi-faith society. 

These leaders support NF by speaking at our events, writing for our publications, and developing audio & video media.  

Andrew T Walker

Associate Professor, SBTS

Khalid Latif

Executive Director & Chaplain for Islamic Center, New York University

Justine A Giboney

Attorney and Political Strategist & President, ANDCampaign

Omar Suileman

Founder and President, Yaqeen Institute

Anwar Khan

President, Islamic Relief USA

Shirley Hoogstra

President, CCCU

Khaled Beydoun

Professor of Law, Wayne State University

Dalia Mogahed

Director of Research, ISPU

Rabbi Michael Holzman

Shadi Hamid

Professor of Islamic Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

Matthew Kaemingk

Professor of Christian Ethics, Fuller Seminary

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