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Each year, Neighborly Faith invests in a hand-picked group of emerging leaders.

They are equipped with the skills, funding, and networks to champion Christ-like engagement across faiths and cultures.

"We cannot obey Jesus if we spread false ideas about our Muslim neighbors or if we fail to love them well. That's why I appreciate the work of Neighborly Faith that helps believers understand the Muslim community and equips them with tools to help them fulfill the mission of God."

Daniel darling
Director, Center for Cultural Engagement Southwestern Baptist Seminary



Christians are increasingly living and working alongside people of other faiths such as Muslims, Jews, and Hindus. After years of championing Christ-like love and leadership across faiths, we are training the next generation to lead with neighborly faiths.


The competitive fellowship will equip a cohort of Evangelical college students to lead initiatives that seek justice for and build friendships with people of other faiths in their community. 

We want to invest in the unique visions and capacities of college students who are ready to live and lead with a public Christian faith. NF will give them an inspirational experience that exposes them to what is possible through their leadership, as well as the funding to make it happen. 

Fellows will be equipped with transferable leadership skills, dialogue tools, biblical training, management strategies, organizational partners, and networks that will help them to address fears, communicate how their Christian faith contributes to the common good, and build promising careers in ministry and/or public leadership in an increasingly diverse society.

Fellowship alumni have been propelled to positions in faith institutions and the public square. 


**Check back for more information on our 2023-24 Fellowship. 

The Experience


Face-to-face digital trainings with faith and industry leaders. 

See some of last year's here.




training. fellowship.

and surfing, of course.



Funded positions.

Plus: up to $1000 to prototype an initiative on campus that brings Christians and Muslims together.



Simple Application. Fully remote.

An  energizing experience you can build into your degree and around

a hectic schedule.



Connected to NF's

nationwide network of mentors

and allies.


and more

Opportunities to speak at Christian & Muslim events, mentorship, publishing opportunities, connections, and more.

and more

meet alumni

alumni stories



Taylor University // Indiana

Carissa planned the first "World Religions Understanding Week" at Taylor University, inviting all students, faculty, and staff on campus to consider how they can live Neighborly Faiths in their context. She also brought her church to visit their Muslim neighbors at a local mosque for the first time.

Carissa published regularly about her experience with NF: 



Moody Bible Institute // Chicago

Amar has been successful at using his NF experience to accelerate his academic and career goals.


During his fellowship, Amar applied for and won a full-tuition scholarship plus living stipend for a Masters of Divinity at Princeton Seminary, with a focus on Evangelical multi-faith and ecumenism. 


Through NF, Amar was connected to acclaimed Muslim author and religious freedom attorney Asma Uddin (Author of When Islam is Not a Religion) who invited him to help write her next book on religious freedom in America. 


Matthew Kaemingk

Associate Professor

Fuller Seminary

Muslim immigration is posing a question to American Evangelicals: Will we treat our new Muslim neighbors as a problem to be solved, a threat to be neutralized, or will we see their arrival as an opportunity to relearn the hospitality that Christ taught us? Neighborly Faith has been helping the evangelical community answer this question. 


Greg Jao

Senior Asst. to the President

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

I am grateful that Neighborly Faith invites evangelicals into an interfaith engagement that reflects both charity (a love for neighbor) and clarity (honesty about our beliefs.)


They chart a path of integrity that embraces both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.


Cindy Wu

Author of 

A Better Country

Neighborly Faith challenges and equips Evangelicals to engage people of other faiths in a loving, thoughtful, and winsome manner.


Neighborly Faith is a much-needed resource in an age of fear and confusion around the question “Who is my neighbor?”

What Leaders Are Saying

Call for Applications

We look for applicants who meet the following criteria:


  • A committed follower of Jesus for 2+ years

  • Enrolled in a US college or university

  • Leadership experience or ambitions

  • Excited about championing friendships with Muslims

Please check back or contact us for more information on upcoming fellows programs.

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