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Mobashra Tazamal

Associate Director, Bridge Initiative, Georgetown U

Mobashra Tazamal received her Master’s degree in Islamic Societies & Cultures from SOAS, University of London. Her current research centers on global Islamophobia with a particular focus on China’s campaign targeting Uighur Muslims, the impact of the War on Terror discourse, the rise of ethnonationalism, and the financial and trans-Atlantic connections of the Islamophobia industry. Her work has been published in The Independent, Al-Jazeera, Truthout, Middle East Eye, Byline Times, & The New Arab. She has previous experience in human rights advocacy and immigration law.


1. Global Islamophobia

2. Rise of Ethno-Nationalism 

3. Financial and trans-Atlantic connections of the Islamophobia “industry."

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Mobashra Tazamal
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