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Mohammed Mahdi

Co-Founder + CEO, The Mad Optimist

Mohammed M. Mahdi is co-founder and co-owner at The Mad Optimist by Soapy Soap Company. Mohammed founded Soapy Soap Company in early 2012 with co-founders Anthony Duncan and his brother Mohammed A. Mahdi. He is a 2017 graduate of Cincinnati based start-up accelerator, The Brandery, and appeared in the Season 11 Finale, Episode 24 of ABC’s “Shark Tank”. His areas of expertise include out-of-the-box-thinking, product R&D, website development/IT systems, purchasing, community involvement/outreach, and analyzing processes and systems for efficiency.

He is an alum from Indiana University-Bloomington, where he received a BA in Psychology, with minors in Sociology and Criminal Justice. He enjoys gardening, foraging, finding great deals, skiing, photography, and DIY projects.


1. Out-of-the-box-thinking 

2. Product R&D 

3. Website development/IT systems 

4. Purchasing 

5.Community involvement/outreach 

6. Analyzing processes and systems for efficiency

Mohammed Mahdi
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