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Saeed Khan

Lecturer, Near East & Asian Studies, Wayne State University

Saeed A. Khan is Associate Professor of Teaching in the Departments of Near East & Asian Studies and Global Studies at Wayne State University- Detroit, Michigan, where he teaches Islamic and Middle East History, Politics and Culture and Global Studies and where he also is Director of Wayne State’s Center for Citizenship Studies. In addition, he is a founding member and a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding (ISPU): a Washington-based Think Tank promoting the study and analysis of US social and domestic policy. He is also an adjunct instructor at Rochester University where he co-teaches a course on Christian-Muslim Dialogue.

Prof. Khan is a contributor to several media agencies, such as Al Jazeera, C-Span, NPR, Voice of America, the National Press Club and is a regular panelist on Turning Point, appearing on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as newspapers and other outlets including Time and Veja in Brazil, and is also a consultant on Islamic and Middle East affairs for the BBC and China Global Television.  He currently is Host of The Week That Was, a weekly news round-up program for Deadline Detroit.


1. Islamic and Middle East History

2.Politics and Culture and Global Studies

Saeed Khan
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